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Service Principles and Values

At Allens Linen Hire Express, we don't just deliver stuff.  We care about the success of our customers' events, aiming to be committed partners not just passive suppliers.  That means we listen, ask the right questions and stick to our promises.  A friendly style and a helpful spirit is at the heart of our service approach.

Our customers continually seek new ideas and inspiration.  How can the next event be even better?  We aim to be a source of that inspiration and a facilitator of choice, ever alive to new products, new offers and different approaches.

We are not content with ordinary or just standing still.  We are ambitious for the business, always seeking to improve wherever we can.  We look to refine and sharpen our systems, processes and overall approach in order to be the best that we can be.

We understand customer needs - their pressures and anxieties - because we've been there.  Our catering experience means that we never forget their viewpoint.