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How to choose the right tablecloth

01 Jul 20

One thing we often get asked is "what size tablecloth do I need?"

There are two main factors you need to consider in order to choose the right table cloth for you event.

What shape of table do you have?

It may seem obvious but rectangular trestles require rectangular clothes, square tables require square cloths and round tables require round cloths. Get this wrong and your cloth will be uneven and ill-fitting, potentially spoiling the day before it's even started! Get it right though, and your guests will be completely bowled over by the sheer beauty of your table design.

How much drop do you want?

For formal occasions a floor length drop is key but some events call for a mid-length (or lap length) drop but ultimately it’s down to choice. The size of the table will determine what size table cloth you will need and to make your decision easier we have created a handy size guide to help you choose the right cloth size for your event.

Once you know what size tablecloth you need, you’re on to the fun part – choosing your linen!

We have a huge choice of linen from bright, bold colours to subtle pastel shades. Whatever your theme, we have a colour and style that will be suitable. Browse through our entire catalogue now and you can even place your order online today!