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Below are answers to the questions we are most often asked. Think we’ve missed something important? Let us know and we’ll add it here.

There is no minimum order to use Allens Linen Hire Express.

The following Hire Rates table breaks down how our hire period charges are calculated: A single hire rate will normally be charged for goods delivered before the day of your event and collected the day after.  If it is a weekend event, goods would normally be delivered on Friday and collected Monday and the single hire rate will still apply.



 1+ days  price x 1
 4+ days  price x 1.5
 5+ days  price x 2
 8+ days  price x 3
 12+  price x 4
 15+  price x 5
 18+  price x 6

* (Sundays and Bank Holidays are not counted)

For longer periods please contact our sales team for more details.

No, there’s no need to worry about that – it’s one of the great benefits of hiring! Simply remove any heavy food debris, air the tablecloths and then repack everything into the boxes in which your order arrived. We’ll take care of the cleaning at our warehouse.

There are certain changes that can be made once an order or a quote is processed.

1) If you want to change your quote you can do so from your "Order/Quote History" from the dropdown menu of your name when you are logged in. - select "edit" from the "Quote" you wish to change.  Change quantities, add or delete products, then click on submit.  Your changes will be submitted as an email to Allens who will process these changes - you can see your quote amendment requests in "Order/Quote Amendments" located in the same dropdown of your name.

2) Account customers are able to add products or increase quantities of their orders online. Go to "Quote/Order History" from the dropdown of your name when you are logged in.  Select "edit" from the "Awaiting Delivery" Order you wish to change.  Add products or increase quantities, and click on submit. Your changes will be submitted as an email to Allens who will process these changes.  You can see your order amendment requests in "Order/Quote Amendments" in the dropdown menu of your name.

Office Opening:

Non-peak periods 
Monday - Friday  0900 - 1730 hrs

Peak periods 
Monday - Friday  0900 - 1730 hrs
Saturday  0900 - 1300 hrs

Please note that peak and non-peak periods may vary depending on the volume of orders we are fulfilling.

We have two depots; one in London and another in Southampton. Both depots feature a showroom, which is open for customers to visit by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a visit to either depot.